Revolving Toilet Seat Cover

The revolving toilet seat is a relatively new product to the UK. It is a revolutionary product designed to reduce cross contamination of washroom germs, particularly in hospitals. These germs can include everything from skin cells, to blood, to human waste.

The comfortable plastic wrap is regenerated with a simple wave over the infrared sensor before you sit on the seat. The system provides visual proof to each restroom user that they have a clean toilet seat to sit on. Increases the image and customer service level in restrooms, pleasing customers and employees, and reflecting positively on a company's image.

Looking beyond the hygiene benefits of the revolving toilet seat the film used to cover seat ring is made of a high-density polyethylene, it's production and disposal is far less harmful to the enviroment than that of paper. The plastic film cannot be reused, it is cut and rolled onto an empty core for easy disposal (which is recyclable).The adjustable mounting bracket allows installation on almost any toilet bowl.

The revolving toilet seat comes complete with battery pack and fixings so all you need to order are the refills and blades.


How many uses per roll?
Each roll lasts 125 uses.

How often does the battery need replacing?
The battery will need replacing approximately every 1250+ uses of the revolving toilet seat. The LCD display shows the status of the battery. Batteries can be replaced or you can plug directly into the mains.

Will the cover revolve while someone is sat on it?
No, there is a safety pressure switch underneath the seat which is activated when the user sits down, cutting the power to the motor.

How do I know when the roll needs changing?
The LCD display shows status at a glance. We recommend changing the blades after 10 rolls.

What do I do with the used roll after I have taken it out?
The plastic roll is completely recyclable so you can just put it out with your plastic recycling

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