Hand Dryers

Ascot Dryer in White & Satin

The Ascot has a revolving 360 degree nozzle with an advantage of being automatic! No touch means it reduces cross contamination, It also has a Blue LED downlight for the drying zone.

The Durham

The Durham has a Unique Design and Low Energy - It has an energy efficient motor, an internal switch to chose between warm or ambient air. This dryer also has a Hepa Filter.

Vandal Resistant body and ideal for retro fit!

Chester Dryer

The Chester is a Stylish, Super Low Energy & Contempory Design Hand Dryer!

Ultra fast drying time! Low power consumption, a robust ABS body and downlight for the drying zone

Exeter Dryer

The Exeter dryer has a stylish and slimline design. Benefiting from a brushless long life motor, water capture tray and Double HEPA filter. Indicator light when the water tray is full. 10 second count down. UV filter sterilization. Switchable heat setting 750w to 1800w. Low energy and cost saving. Switchable motor speed setting from high to low.

Energy saving brushless motor.

3G Dryer

The 3G dryer is not only an elegant, compact hands in but also an innovative disability dryer, the unique hands through design gives easy access to all users. Elegant and compact with the option of a water capture tray a Red indicator light will show when full or being plumbed into the mains waste - meaning the tray will not need to be emptied. The 3G is coated with an antibacterial surface and fitted with copper filters. Designed to suit all areas.

2G Dryer

The 2G Dryer has a unique design! The 2G benefits from an Antibacterial Surface, Copper Filters Compact design with water capture tray Red light to indicate when water tray is full and is easy to clean.

Canterbury Dryer

Canterbury has a revolutionary and patented rotating air outlet nozzle for greater efficiency. A vandal resistant aluminium design, energy efficient due to no heating element. Made in Europe and it is available in white or Silver aluminium.

Windsor ECO DS Dryer

The Windsor ECO DS is our lowest noise hand dryer at just 60Db which makes this child friendly and ideal for Schools.

Double Switch - One switch to change the watts and another to change the motor power. It has a super energy efficient motor, a blue LED downlight for the drying zone. It's ideal for retro fit.

Available in White and Black Aluminium - Polished and Satin Stainless Steel or a Custom Finish.

Windsor Dryer

The Windsor is one of our best selling hand dryers. It has a super energy efficient motor, and internal switch to chose between warm or ambient airflow. A Blue down light to highlight the drying zone.

Ideal for retro-fit and a steel cover - Vandal resistant (4603 and 4604)

Oasis Dryer

The Oasis is a modern dryer with a high use reliability. An internal switch allowing the dryer to be run with heated air or ambient air 550W/1250W. A Blue LED downlight for the drying zone and an easy-fit junction box for quick installation.

A Reliable and robust product that is available in White Aluminium, Polished Chrome or a custom finish.

Eton Dryer

The Eton Hand Dryer is fitted with UV filter sterilization - effectively reducing the risk of bacteria build up in the filters. A compact and durable design - 304 stainless steel Switchable heat setting allowing the dryer to run at 550w ambient air flow or 1350w heated.

Stirling Dryer

The Stirling dryer has a energy efficient motor. An internal switch to choose warm or ambient air 550W/1400W. This dryer has a built-in ioniser that purifies the air when in use. Ultra low cost to run. Blue LED Downlight for the drying zone.

Available in White or Polished Aluminium

Mini-Jet Dryer

The Mini jet dryer is a compact hand dryer yet, still delivers a fast dry time, with the option of heap filter. 28, 000 rpm 400 W motor with a 500 W heating element giving energy efficiency with an overall 900 W performance. A Compact design that sits under 400mm off the wall - great for small cubicles or washrooms. Ideal for low/medium use such as an office environment.

Ascot Dryer Polished

The Ascot Polished has a revolving 360 degree nozzle with an advantage of being automatic and it's 900W! No touch means it reduces cross contamination, It also has a Blue LED downlight for the drying zone.

Oxford Dryer

The Oxford is our "Best in Class" Powerful Low Cost Hand Dryer, 10 - 15 second dry time. No touch sensor, Ideal for most environments. The White and Silver are ABS and the Satin and Polished are Steel.

Bespoke Dryers

We can offer the 3G, Oasis And Windsor in a large selection of colours and finishes.

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